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Tooth & Nail Records

Yet another side project from the ex-Crucified dudes. This one being mostly written by bassist Jeff Belew, but Mark "King" Soloman makes a guest appearance as well. The album is produced by Scott "Circle of Dust" Albert, who also does some of the vocals and guitar work, so it goes without saying that this sounds a lot like Scott Albert's many industrial projects. Lots of
interesting samples laid on top of hardcore influenced industrial metal. Interesting footnote in the cover from Jeff that states, "To the Reducers, I'm willing to die to prove my God exists, are you willing to die to prove he doesn't."

Hidden at the end of track ten, after several minutes of silence, there is several minutes of space-


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solid oldschooldoom

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Aug 10, 2014 05:59:34 PM
I could understand how some might shake this album off as weirdness.

Whoa, this is way heavier than I anticipated! The heavier the better, I like! Ten single word titles. Interesting sci-fi sound bytes and audio clips sprinkled throughout. Nothing preachy, more like make-u-think type lyrics about life and eternity. Track 10 is an industrial strength version of 'You are my Sunshine'.
Jun 14, 2016 09:24:11 AM
This is one of the few 90's CDs in my library that I didn't pick up when it was relatively new. I remember the band and I'm sure I've got a track or two on some Tooth & Nail compilations somewhere, but the industrial metal genre just wasn't something I explored much in my youth. I recognize a lot of the names involved with this project, but I can't say I was necessarily a fan of similar projects like Circle of Dust or Brainchild.

I picked up this CD (along with a large stack of others) from a discount used book/music store called Edward McKay in Winston-Salem, NC while traveling for work. It was one of the first discs I popped in the CD player on the drive home and while I admire the talents involved in making this album, I'm just not sure this is for me or even if I'll include it in my music library.

While not a favorite album of mine, I do kinda enjoy the opening track, Torque. Perhaps I would enjoy the album more if there weren't any vocals. Maybe my musical tastes have changed as I've grown older, I'm not sure, however it seems as though this album is still held in high regard in some musical circles. I would say if you are a fan of industrial metal then check this out. At the time of this post I could only find one seller that had the CD for sale and they were located in Australia. No sold copies showed up on my search either so good luck tracking down a copy.
#1"Torque" (4:25)
#2"Empty" (6:09)
#3"Fallen" (5:55)
#4"Spine" (5:13)
#5"Internal" (:30)
#6"Soulscum" (4:26)
#7"Divide" (3:44)
#8"External" (3:49)
#9"Epignosis" (5:28)
#10"Sunshine" (10:50)
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