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The Crucified by The Crucified

Tooth & Nail release: TND1004
UPC: 026297100420

This is their first full-length cd, released in 1989 by Narrowpath/Pure Metal and re-released in 1994 by Tooth and Nail.

Liner notes from the T&N version:
"Tooth & Nail Records is proud to re-release one of the most pivotal, breakthrough albums of all time - The Crucified: "The Crucified". Tooth & Nail Records is a music label that taeks pride in releasing music from the cutting-edge of rock, music that goes against the grain, both in message and in its style. No band better fits the mold of what Tooth & Nail Records strives for the "The Crucified". Forefathers in hard-core music, "The Crucified" has served as pioneers in the Christian music industry, opening the doors to countless hard-core and punk-rock bands to follow in their musical footsteps. The depth of what "The Crucified" accomplished in the Christian music industry could never be measured by record sales. What this band accomplished goes far beyond numbers and statistics. What "The Crucified" deserves to be remembered by is their undying devotion to the souls of the unsaved, their unbreakable commitment to musical and spiritual integrity, and their lasting desire to glorify God, both in their lifestyles and in their music. Tooth & Nail Records salutes "The Crucified". They truly have gone against the grain!"

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