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Obadiah by Obadiah

Ken Myers- Guitar, Vox;
George Pizarro- Guitar;
Ray Savedra- Bass, Vox;
Robbie Schooler- Drums, vox;


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Jun 13, 2014 01:00:51 PM
I met Ken Myers at a concert one night in 1990. I was not only digging the classic rock and roll that night, but I was fascinated by the incredible testimonies and the love these men had for Jesus. It was then I decided I wanted them to play closer to my hometown. In '91, I booked Obadiah to play at our local park. I had connections since the lead singer's brother worked as a mechanic with my Dad. Ken and my Pastor worked out the details and in the Fall of '91, the band played our town. The concert was a success, with a great turnout and most importantly people went forward to pray at the closing of the concert. A short time later I learned of a tragic car accident in 1991 that took the life of Ruben Chavez (drummer on 2nd album). The 2000 CD is "lovingly dedicated to Rubin Chavez who is home, with Jesus."
Though they are somewhat of a garage band, and didn't release polished albums making them a household name, these guys had a great affect on me as a young believer and I will always be grateful for having met them.
Jun 13, 2014 01:02:40 PM
The Spotify sound clips are NOT the same Obadiah band, btw. I'm not sure who those songs belong to, but they sound nothing like Kenny's band.
Jun 14, 2014 03:51:19 PM
Found some actual sound clips:
#1Bye Bye Egypt
#2Use It Or Lose It
#3Just Like La Bamba
#4Only A Shout Away
#5I Got A Lawyer
#6I Met The Lord
#8The Eyes Of Jesus
has lyrics

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