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The First 4 Years by Deliverance

This album is a collection of some of the very first Deliverance songs ever recorded (some were never officially released before now). Many of these tracks are rough demos, taken from old cassettes. The intent is to treat fans to the early years of a brilliant metal band. And, while the production/fidelity of the tracks won't impress anyone, Jimmy Brown's honest and intimate guided narration of this journey is just one of the treasures you'll discover within.

This is a collection of very rough demos and live tracks for hardcore Deliverance fans. This reissue of the 2000 release (Magdalene Records) will discover all new (and vastly improved) artwork. But the real treat is the personal, guided narration by vocalist, Jimmy Brown. There are four tracks you won't find on any other Deliverance release! In addition, it will be budget priced to give consumers a price incentive to give it a chance!


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oldschooldoom Jeffcorpse

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Aug 12, 2014 07:59:43 PM
Pretty cool archival tunes and band history narrated by Jimmy P Brown. Starts off in 1985 when Jimmy is 15 and the band is brand new. The earliest songs are near speed metal when they were a 3 piece band ( before Larry Farkas).

I like the original version of 'No Time', straight up galloping and crunchy heavy metal.
Track 7 live recording in a bar where they get heckled and handle it VERY well. Interesting to learn that Pastor Bob Beeman was instrumental in getting Deliverance onto the California Metal compilation album. And the rest, they say, is history. Their 2 songs from Cal Metal are tracks 11 and 12 but in their raw original forms. The last 3 songs were recorded in the garage of the band Jordan. Much of this album is not heard anywhere else.
#2Who Will Save the Children
#3Stand Up and Fight
#5No Time
#7Talk from the stage
#12A Space Called You
#14Hold On Tightly
#16Temporary Insanity
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