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Art Of The State by AD

Bound by a record contract legally preventing him from leaving his band, Kansas, Kerry Livgren recorded this album and released it in the religious marketplace. Though comparisons with Kansas cannot be denied, this is an original effort with a unique sound. Often mysterious or ominous, often passionate and urgent, this is an exciting listen. Definitely a religious record, much in the praise & worship realm. Controversial "Games of Chance and Circumstance" decries the legalization of abortion in the U.S.A. Where Livgren really shines as a writer is on the more ominous and foreboding songs, such as "The Fury" and "We Are the Men." ~ Mark W. B. Allender, All Music Guide


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Mar 17, 2014 06:35:01 PM
I remember buying this vinyl not really knowing much about it at all. I was a Kansas fan, and there was a label that said "featuring Kerry Livgren of Kansas"... Little did I know that this album would impact me almost 30 years later. I think it is their best
#1All Creation Sings 4:22
#2We Are The Men 4:41
#3Lead Me To Reason 3:56
#4The Only Way To Have A Friend 4:16
#5Games Of Chance And Circumstance 4:18
#6The Fury 5:34
#7Progress 4:39
#8Heartland 3:42
#9Zion 3:26
#10Up From the Wasteland 4:25
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