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Independence Day by Liberty n' Justice

A mostly acoustic rock album featuring many well known guest artists including Mark Slaughter, Jamie Rowe, Jani Lane, Ed Gomez (Jet Circus), David Raymond Reeves (Neon Cross), Tony Mills (TNT), Jack Russell (Great White), etc.

The song, "Independence Day" is an acoustic cover of the White Heart classic song.

Front cover art by Rexorcist who has also done covers for Tourniquet, Opeth, Ultimatum, etc.


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#1Doubting Thomas (John Corabi)
#2Monkey Dance (Jack Russell)
#3Soldier (Kelly Keagey & Mark Slaughter)
#4My Sacrifice (Shawn Pelata)
#5Phoenix (Pete Loran)
#6Independence Day (Kelly Keeling)
#7Meet My Monster (Tony Mills)
#8Praying For A Miracle (Ted Poley)
#9Fade (Jamie Rowe)
#10Bullet, Train, Breakdown (Jamie St.James)
#11Addiction (Jani Lane)
#12Wake The Dead (Ez Gomér & Tony Carey)
#13Snake Eat Snake (David Raymond Reeves)
#14A Little Bit Of Love (Mark & Shannon Hovland)
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