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Deliver Us (EP) by Warlord

Vocals : Damien King
Guitars : Destroyer (Bill Tsamis)
Bass : The Raven (Dave Watry)
Drums : Thunderchild (Mark Zonder)
Keyboards : Sentinel (Dianne Arens)

Bass is credited to "The Raven" but was actually played by William J Tsamis.

Japanese release (Watanabe Music 1984) with bonus track "Mrs.Victoria".

The album has also been released on CD but only in Japan.
Reissued on digipack CD by Sound & Vision in 2003

Remastered from original tape and reissued on CD by Sons of a Dream Music LLC (cat. # SOADMCD-0001) in 2013. Includes enhanced liner notes, full lyrics, additional artwork and track "Mrs. Victoria" (05:49) as song #4. Also available as a digital download on iTunes / Amazon.


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#1Deliver Us From Evil
#2Winter Tears
#3Child of the Damned
#4Penny For a Poor Man
#5Black Mass
#6Lucifer's Hammer
has lyrics

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