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Rising Out Of The Ashes by Warlord

"Enemy Mind" and "Achilles Revenge" are new songs, the rest are Lordian Guard and Warlord re-recordings.

European edition released by Atrheia Records (Italy) in 2002. (ATR CD 0012)

Japanese edition bonus track:
10. Lost And Lonely Days

William J. Tsamis - Guitars, Bass
Mark S. Zonder - Drums
Joacim Cans - Vocals


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Lucifer's Hammer (3:46)

It comes through the heavens, on a mission from hell
A force of destruction, that nothing can repel
A story is born that no one will live to tell

The obliteration of man, now encased in its shell
At the push of a button, we all will go to hell
Who will be left to toll the funeral bell . . .

The Hammer will Fall on you!
The Hammerwill Fall on you!

Devastation, destruction of all the nations
Annihilation, clouding of all the skies
Raise the dead from their graves, and throw in yourselves and hide

Save us - from ourselves
Save us - from ourselves
Save us - from ourselves
Save us - from ourselves
Save us . . .

Copyright 2002 Warlord

#1Battle Of The Living Dead4:12
#2Enemy Mind6:10
#4Winds Of Thor6:04
#5War In Heaven7:08
#6My Name Is Man6:16
#7Lucifer's Hammer3:46
#8Sons Of A Dream4:35
#9Achilles Revenge6:11
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