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Rising Out Of The Ashes by Warlord

"Enemy Mind" and "Achilles Revenge" are new songs, the rest are Lordian Guard and Warlord re-recordings.

European edition released by Atrheia Records (Italy) in 2002. (ATR CD 0012)

Japanese edition bonus track:
10. Lost And Lonely Days

William J. Tsamis - Guitars, Bass
Mark S. Zonder - Drums
Joacim Cans - Vocals


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Battle Of The Living Dead (4:12)

The morning has come with the dawn of the sun,
and the masses arise to the day.
They meet their despair in pointless travail,
lost in the eyes of the world where Death is the stage.

For Mammon they live, to themselves they will give,
of treasure and gluttonous pride.
To Self they bow down, they worship their crown,
alive in the eyes of the world, but Death lives inside.

Arise, my friends, arise!
The sword is the spirit of life,
Awaken your souls, that you may never die!
In the Battle of the Living Dead

Copyright 2002 Warlord

#1Battle Of The Living Dead4:12
#2Enemy Mind6:10
#4Winds Of Thor6:04
#5War In Heaven7:08
#6My Name Is Man6:16
#7Lucifer's Hammer3:46
#8Sons Of A Dream4:35
#9Achilles Revenge6:11
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