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Stryper Expo Sampler by Stryper

This is NOT an official Stryper release.

All the songs/projects represented on this sampler are independent bands that Robert Sweet had played drums on after the demise of Stryper in 1991.

2000 M8 Distribution


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oldschooldoom Jeffcorpse

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Apr 11, 2017 08:29:41 AM
Did Cryin' Out Loud or Justa Band have any releases?
#1The Princess Project - Forgiven
#2The Princess Project - Deliver Me
#3The Princess Project - The Gate
#4The Princess Project - Blood Brother
#5Xout - Without Love
#6Xout - Layin' Down
#7Xout - I'm Gonna
#8Cryin' Out Loud - Love Ain't Enough
#9Cryin' Out Loud - You (I Don't Care)
#10Cryin' Out Loud - Chasin' the Demon
#11Cryin' Out Loud - Drink the Wind
#12Titanic - Freak Show
#13Justa Band - the best of Me
#14Justa Band - Destiny
#15Justa Band - Broken
#16Justa Band - You Gave Me You
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