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Come Join The Heard by VARIOUS

Sampler CD from Pakaderm/Word


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Apr 18, 2014 01:02:37 PM
Kinda surprised more people do not have this classic comp from back in the day. Clever artwork and album title coming from the Pachyderm bros.
Track 3 'Brighton - On Any Sunday' surprised me with their heaviness.

Even Michael Gleason sounds pretty good.
#1Guardian - Power Of Love
#2Guardian - Never Say Goodbye
#3Brighton - On Any Sunday
#4Brighton - Wash Me In The Rain Again
#5Mastedon - Run To The Water
#6Mastedon - It Is Done
#7Rock Power Praise - Nothing But The Blood
#8Rock Power Praise - He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
#9Halo - Good Feelin'
#10Halo - Language Barrier
#11Michael Gleason - True To Myself
#12Michael Gleason - Don't Give In To The Night
#13X-Sinner - Livin' On The Edge
#14X-Sinner - Accountable
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