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Classics 3 by Jerusalem

Ulf Christiansson: vocals, guitar
Dan Tibell : keyboards (1-7)
Peter Carlsohn: bass, back vocals
Michael Ulvsgärd: drums, back vocals
Reidar I Paulsen: keyboards, back vocals (8-17)

Released 1995 on Fruit Records.

Album credits:
Track 1-8 In His Majesty's Service - Live In USA
Released 1985 on Royal Music, World Record Music in Scandinavia, and the rest of the world on Refuge Records, Allentown PA, USA
Produced by: Dave Perkins, Ray Nenow & Jerusalem
House Sound: Göran Buller
Engineer: Malcom Harper, Gordon Garrison
Recorded by: Real Sound Mobile
Recorded live March 29:th 1985 - Downtown Shrevport, Dallas, USA
All songs by: Ulf Christiansson

Track 8-17 Dancing On The Head Of The Serpent
Released 1987 on JM Records in Scandinavia, and on Refuge Records 1988 in USA
Produced by: Ulf Christiansson
Engineer: Göran Buller
Studio: Jerusalem Studio, Uppsala, Sweden

Additional information:
This is a compilation album including songs from Jerusalem's albums "In His Majesty's Service - Live In USA" and "Dancing On The Head Of The Serpent".


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#1In His Majesty's Service
#2From The Bottom Of Our Heart
#3Read Between The Lines
#4The Tide
#5Can't Stop Us Now
#7Man Of The World
#8Dancing On The Head Of The Serpent
#9Plunder Hell And Populate Heaven
#10Rebels Of Jesus Christ
#11Listen To Me
#12Woe, Woe... The Great Fall
#13We're Gonna Take Europe
#14Come Higher
#15Catch The Devil, Catch The Thief
#16The Night When Revelation Came Into My Life
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