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Frail Words Collapse by As I Lay Dying

They sound as tight as a band could get, and after listening to two or three songs I was very very impressed. Combining classical metal with hardcore and swedish style death metal worked out very well for them. Give this a listen, it's quite grand." -pahardcore


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94 Hours (3:11)

94 hours of regret for me to realize what i held
unfading beauty, not just a face
i held its innocence within my heart, now i won't let go
the torment of your eyes has awakened my soul
the pain of a moment's time will forever beg your forgiveness

Copyright 2003 As I Lay Dying

#194 Hours3:11
#2Falling Upon Deaf Ears2:32
#5Distance Is Darkness2:39
#6Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier3:03
#8A Thousand Steps1:46
#9The Beginning3:29
#10Song 104:16
#11The Pain Of Separation2:58
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