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Axe Of The Apostles by Final Axe

The CD was originally recorded in 1990 but never released. After the Re-Release
of the first Album "Beyond Hell's Gate" in 2005, Retroactive Rec. decided to
release the lost Album in 2006 (remixed & remastered).


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Jul 31, 2014 09:47:33 PM
Heavy riffing in every song is Bill Menchens' trademark. Also every song is steeped in biblical and prophetic themes. All songs go by too fast. The message in the music is as strong as the vocals. Keith was such a strong element to this band. FYI, I believe that Lightforce (pre-Mortification) did the song 'Metal Missionaries' one year before Final Axe. I believe both bands were inspired by the 1985 Bloodgood album.
#1Heads Will Roll
#2Burn In Hell
#3Ball And Chain
#4Hangin By a Thread
#5Dealing With Death
#6Vengeance Is Mine
#8Metal Missionaries
#9We're Not Heroes
#10Worlds Away
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