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Temptation Come My Way by The Showdown


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It Drinks From Me (4:36)

Daddy toasts the mourning, daddy toasts the night
Daddy canít remember more than getting by
Mama blacks the night out, mama shakes and stares
Mama canít remember just how they got there

It drinks from me and I drink from you

Daddyís more than gone now, rode the trigger god knows where
Sad she canít remember Ďcause he was never there
Mama drowns in whiskey, tries to choke her shame
Sometimes sheíll remember, sometimes it just rains

It drinks from me and I drink from you

Love ainít the bottom of a bottle
Cause love is in the aftermath
But love is easier to swallow
Than giving up and looking back

It drinks from me
And Iím through

Copyright 2007 The Showdown

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