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Temptation Come My Way by The Showdown


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Fanatics And Whores (3:18)

You with the bible belt buckling the knees of the world
And you rattletrap dogma in tow
You with the tie and that smile green in your eyes
Selling Jesus on your TV show

Fanatics and whores
And rumors of war
Bring us collapse
This breath, these bones can take no more.

Pious and blind you are the thorn in and the spear in the side
Of the body you would claim to believe
We are revolt we are the fire in our fatherís eyes
Your Armageddon only set us free
You wonít forget us
And we wonít be satisfied
Till we bring in down
Down around that self serving smile

Copyright 2007 The Showdown

#1Fanatics And Whores3:18
#2Head Down4:19
#3Six Feet Under4:04
#4We Die Young4:18
#5Breath Of The Swamp3:16
#6It Drinks From Me4:36
#7Temptation Come My Way4:12
#8Forget My Name4:22
#9Spitting In The Wind 3:15
#10I, Victim (Here's To The Year)3:43
#11Carry On Wayward Son4:21
#12Death Finds Us Breathing4:05
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