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Answers by Ascension Theory


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Apr 18, 2014 09:09:49 AM
Magnificent prog rock and metal. Yet nothing Godly detected until track 8. Female vocals in tracks 6 and 7. This didn't ANSWER any life-altering questions but it did remind me of the nagging question, why so many prog bands with fluff lyrics?!?

End Game (5:05)

Your backís against the wall this time and
I can see the fear in your eyes
You never thought Iíd go this far
Thereís nothing left for you to say

All your words and all your smiles
Donít add up to much right now
You must finally make choice
Reveal yourself or back away

Hear what I say
Your world falls apart
All the wrongs made right
Opposition falls away

Everything is clear
End is coming near
Play your final part
Truth reveals just what you are

Idols that you once held dear will
Not survive the coming fire
All your faith in man made things
Wonít save you from a grave defeat

Calculated power plays
False debate and backroom deals
What weapons have you left to use?
Politics are no use now

Change descending
Hatred rising
One more card you have not shown

Truth revealed now
No use hiding
Killing not beneath you now

Copyright 2006 Ascension Theory

#1Passion Of My Heart4:25
#3Perfect Plan4:02
#4Saturn's Reign5:50
#5To Be Content3:35
#6The Way of Death4:08
#8End Game5:05
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