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Answers by Ascension Theory


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Apr 18, 2014 09:09:49 AM
Magnificent prog rock and metal. Yet nothing Godly detected until track 8. Female vocals in tracks 6 and 7. This didn't ANSWER any life-altering questions but it did remind me of the nagging question, why so many prog bands with fluff lyrics?!?

To Be Content (3:35)

I tried so hard to sleep last night
But rest eluded me
So many problems on my mind

If I knew what I know now
I might not have begun
I donít know how to turn back now

In this life I lead
Even when all things are right
Thereís always something else
My soul will reach out for - I canít understand
Why Iím not glad to be content

The image of your face
Sent from miles away
Haunts me everyday

I want to know the things you see
How different your life must be
Things will never be the same again

My spirit longs to be set free
Why is there always more to need
Why did I go and change everything
Why do I see my life in your eyes
Why canít I be glad to be content

Copyright 2006 Ascension Theory

#1Passion Of My Heart4:25
#3Perfect Plan4:02
#4Saturn's Reign5:50
#5To Be Content3:35
#6The Way of Death4:08
#8End Game5:05
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