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Answers by Ascension Theory


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Apr 18, 2014 09:09:49 AM
Magnificent prog rock and metal. Yet nothing Godly detected until track 8. Female vocals in tracks 6 and 7. This didn't ANSWER any life-altering questions but it did remind me of the nagging question, why so many prog bands with fluff lyrics?!?

Saturn's Reign (5:50)

What I have always dreamed
Has now been given me
An outright bribe for silence
But yet I canít decline

I canít deny my passion
It burns within my soul
Reclaim my own destiny
To reach out and beyond

Dreams and visions soared
When Saturn ruled the skies
Nationís pride restored
When Saturn ruled the skies
All the wrongs made right
When Saturn ruled the skies
A new age arrived
When Saturn ruled the skies

Hidden in my heart so long
A secret never told
Except to my own father
He knows me all to well

I watch the world arise
From a thousand miles away
The night is cold and lonely
I long to feel the sun

I must restrain my fear
And chart the course ahead
Let go of all my anger
The time is drawing near

Copyright 2006 Ascension Theory

#1Passion Of My Heart4:25
#3Perfect Plan4:02
#4Saturn's Reign5:50
#5To Be Content3:35
#6The Way of Death4:08
#8End Game5:05
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