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Eden's Way by Eden's Way


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Eden's Way ()

In the beginning, He made the water and trees / He even made day and night, and made Adam and Eve / The He saw that His works were good / He even told the man and woman just where they stood / This is the path in which I made / Come on and travel Eden's Way / So if you're searching for a place to be / You don't need a car to drive so just come with me / Here you'll find that we're not afraid / We'll just keep on driving down on Eden's Way / Eden's way, Eden's way... you know we'd love to have you drive down on Eden's way / So here's the path in which He made / To have love and peace on Earth each and every day / Here you'll find, we're here to lead the way / We'll take you on a ride down Eden's way

Copyright 2003 Eden's Way

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