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Heaven's Metal Video Magazine Vol. 3 (VHS) by VARIOUS

Running Time: 60 minutes


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May 10, 2014 01:18:55 PM
About 53 minutes of interviews and videos of bands in their heyday.

Opens with a short concert clip of Steve Rowe whipping a Morty audience into a frenzy. Followed by rare footage of his rental house (right up against the train tracks...uggh!). His wife says "Hi" to the camera. Followed by 'Grind Planetarium' performed on a beach.

A tiny clip of Tourniquet performing inside a tent followed by backstage antics in Dallas.

Mortal talks about their pre-Mortal days as Mortal Wish. They describe their music as "happy dance metal". Ummm...Okay. Drummer Jerome has played every instrument and sung a little.

An interview with DB (Dave) Allen & Frank of Under Midnight. They say they are NOT industrial. "We want to play music that makes you think". Industrial strength think metal? They want to be known as the first to incorporate virtual reality into their music experience.

Very rare footage of Bloodgood saying goodbye. Part of their last performance is shown before the band calls it quits. Very good interview of why they decided to end things. I totally respect their decision.
#1Mortification - Scrolls Of The Megilloth
#2Mortification - Grind Planetarium
#3Tourniquet - Ark Of Suffering
#4Under Midnight - Cyber Vision
#5*plus much much more!
has lyrics

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