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Heaven's Metal Video Magazine Vol. 2 (VHS) by VARIOUS

Running Time: 60 minutes


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Jun 23, 2014 11:01:02 PM
Opens with Mike Lee & band showing a lighter side of BC. Followed by a pro shot video of 'Imaginary Music'. Followed by a concert clip of 'Killers of the Unborn' at Pottstown, PA. 'Crying Over You' is probably their easiest song and probably would be the hardest song if done by many other bands. I didn't realize until watching this that Jim LeVerde's voice is very similar to Ted Kirkpatrick's(TQT).

Doug Van Pelt interviews Jimmy(with mustache, wrist brace, & gold tooth) & Manny of Deliverance.

Precious Death interview with DVP. They discuss what it means to be a Christian, a Christian band, a worship band, and why they resent being classified. They also say why they smash TV's on stage.

Dale & Troy Thompson of Bride have a tailgate interview at Cornerstone. They talk about the history of the band and sing a couple of songs before 12 fans. Followed by a pro shot video of my favorite Bride song 'Hired Gun' taken from their Brazil days.

Like all HM video magazine series, this one ends with a bible study/prayer. This time we are graced by the ministry of Jim LeVerde.
#1Barren Cross - Imaginary Music
#2Barren Cross - Cryin' Over You
#3Barren Cross - Killers Of The Unborn (live)
#4Deliverance - Weapons Of Our Warfare
#5Bride - Hired Gun (live in Brazil)
#6*plus behind the scenes footage of them and others
has lyrics

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