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Heaven's Metal Video Magazine Vol. 1 (VHS) by VARIOUS

Running time: 76 minutes


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May 10, 2014 01:24:18 PM
Starts off with a mini tour of the HM studio & office led by Jamie Rowe,Tony Palacios, Doug Van Pelt, and John Elefante.

Randy Rose interview reminds me of a Christian Chris Farley, LOL.
Also fun to see the humor of Mortification.
Michael and Robert Sweet interviews. First time seen video of the song 'Lady' that MS wrote for his wife. Robert defends the 'Against The Law' release.

Only known footage of PK Mitchell. Video of them performing 'Amazing Grace' and in-studio interview of him and Robin Kyle during the recording of Red Sea-Blood.
Jesus Freaks interview is excellent. They make it known that they speak directly to the saved and unsaved through their lyrics. They compare themselves to early Vengeance Rising. Is this the only known footage?
Vintage footage of the mighty Leviticus performing one song, 'Let Me Fight'.
Oblation is death metal with a BIG heart for for kids in the secular death scene. A needed ministry to those in the bondage that goes with that scene. 'Dead Unborn' video is a graphic look at abortion.

XL is funny!!! He describes their music as "You can slam, dance, and eat popcorn to it" and "it is funky rap metal with distortion" and "many black people don't like us & most white people don't like us too". He goes on about his afro.
#1Guardian - Power Of Love
#2Guardian - Shoeshine Johnny
#3Stryper - Lady
#4Stryper - Two Time Woman
#5Mortification - Terminate Damnation
#6Mortification - Majestic Infiltration Of Order
#7P.K. Mitchell - Amazing Grace
#8Leviticus - Let Me Fight
#9Oblation - Dead Unborn
#10*many behind the scenes clips from others
has lyrics

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