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Hot Metal 4 - The Video (VHS) by VARIOUS

Seven high energy videos that will set your screen ablaze with their burning intensity! Including the controversial "Ark Of Suffering" from Tourniquet that was rejected by MTV as too intense. Also, searing metal videos from Ken Tamplin, Angelica, Ransom and speed metal masters Deliverance. Plus the grind core heat of Vengeance Rising and a little seen classic by the legendary Shout. Hot songs. Hot performances. Hot Metal 4 - The Video.

The back of the box erroneously labels the Vengeance Rising song as "You Can't Stop It" but it's actually "Before The Time".


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#1Ken Tamplin - Livin' For My Lord
#2Angelica - Cover Me
#3Deliverance - Weapons Of Our Warfare
#4Ransom - Lasting Love
#5Tourniquet - Ark Of Suffering
#6Vengeance Rising - Before The Time
#7Shout - Give Me An Answer
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