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Josh Kramer of Saint - Live in Germany: Headbangers Night 2 by Saint

Josh Kramer of Saint - Live in Germany Josh Kramer flew out to Germany to perform with members of other bands filling in for missing Saint members. The rest of the band was comprised of members of Ivory Knight and Adorned Grave drummer Stefan Lang. The album was recorded on October 22, 2005, at the Headbangers Night festival in Nanzdietschweiler, Germany.

This is basically the equivalent of a bootleg made by fans for fans. The only reason it is not a bootleg is because it was officially released with Josh Kramer's permission and therefore it is not illegal.

Tracklist .

1 Welcome 0:10
2 In The Night 3:12
3 Holy Rollin' 4:17
4 In The Battle 4:40
5 Too Late For Living 4:26
6 Warriors Of The Son 5:00
7 On The Street 5:10
8 The Path 3:41
9 Star Pilot 3:53
10 Ryders 4:49
11 Acid Rain / Full Armor 3:02
12 Phantom Of The Galaxy / Steel Killer 9:23
13 Plan II 6:57


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Jun 23, 2014 10:37:05 PM
This is one of the best live performances I've heard, especially considering it was captured by fans. Josh is in finest form and enjoying himself immensely. Too bad some of his song ending comments were chopped.
#2In The Night
#3Holy Rollin'
#4In The Battle
#5Too Late For Living
#6Warriors Of The Son
#7On The Streets
#8The Path (+ video)
#9Star Pilot
#11Acid Rain / Full Armor
#12Phantom of the Galaxy / Steel Killer (+ video)
#13Plan II
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