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The Mark by Saint

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. The Spirit
2. The Vision
3. Ride to Kill
4. He Reigns
5. On and On
6. The 7th Trumpet
7. The Mark
8. Bowls of Wrath
9. Babylon the Great
10. Reaping the Flesh
11. Alpha & Omega


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Feb 3, 2014 09:46:32 PM
If you don't have this, skip it and pick up The Revelation which is the same album only re-mixed and it sounds completely different. Consider The Mark to be a working demo of what The Revelation would sound like.
#1The Spirit
#2The Vision
#3Ride To Kill
#4He Reigns
#5On And On
#6The 7th Trumpet
#7The Mark
#8Bowls Of Wrath
#9Babylon The Great
#10Reap The Flesh
#11Gog & Magog
#12Alpha & Omega
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