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Oddities (VHS) by Bride


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Jun 14, 2014 09:42:44 PM
87 minutes divided between a mish-mash of: MTV-ish slick videos, concert footage at various venues, interviews, practice, life on the road, goofing off, etc.

Nice clip of Troy playing piano, he is a master of the string instruments.

Back stage while touring with Audio Adrenaline. Walking on a glacier in Alaska. Playing at an outdoor venue at the Alaska Star Fair in the trademark shorts in just above freezing temps. Also clips on being in: Brazil, Maryland, Kentucky(home), Ohio, Indiana, and Canada.

The band members talk about the dangers of stage diving. They discuss why they departed the earlier 'Snakes' and 'Psychedelic Jesus' era sound. And why they change their sound from album to album.
#1Under The Blood
#2I Ain't Coming Down
#3End Of The World
#4I Love You
#5Only When I'm Left Alone
#6The Worm
#7Picture Perfect
#8I Have Decided To Follow Jesus
#9I Found God
#10Lost And We Wander
#11Crown Of Thorns
#12Tomorrow Makes No Sense
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