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Re-Captured In Time & Space (DVD) by Petra

This is a DVD re-release of the 1986 VHS video "Captured In Time And Space". The video is near impossible to find these days, so this is a very nice DVD.


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Jun 14, 2014 09:31:35 PM
Petra was captured live at a large arena in South Carolina. Quite fitting as they are known for arena rock. This video closely follows the track list of the 1986 same titled album. There are three fast paced non-stop medleys as they have so much music up to this point. Professionally shot and edited 72 minutes of the entire concert including the Billy Graham like altar call mid way through the performance. This band has a huge heart for ministry.

Everything is perfect. slick, and polished to include the elaborate high-budget stage and lighting, photography, harmonizing, and stunning performance. The band members are high energy especially the frontman. This is very 80's dress and attitude as evidenced by Greg's aerobics, the squeaky clean-cut audience, and polished sound.

This was during the Greg Volz era. NO ONE SOUNDS like him or performs like him. On a humorous note, back then Greg had an uncanny resemblance to a character on the short lived recent TV show 'The Caveman' but with much less hair. Greg plays rhythm on 'Praise Ye the Lord' but it is also humorous to note that the band sounds no different if he plays or not.

Different members of the band take their turns doing solos. This is the first time I have seen a keyboard solo by a Christian band. What, no bass solo by Mark Kelley?
#1Beat The System
#3Grave Robber
#4Hollow Eyes
#5The Rock Medley
#6Mellow Medley
#7John's Solo/Jesus Love You/The Race
#8Bob's Solo
#9Louie's Solo
#10God Gave Rock and Roll To You
#11Praise Medley
#12Hallelujah Chorus
#13God Pleaser
#14The Great I Am
#15It Is Finished
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