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Tears Of A Leper by Lament

Rowe release: RPD6038 (ROWE 019)
UPC: 713127701926
SPCN: 7-5126-9811-9

Drums - Abel Gomez
Vocals - Marco Perez
Bass - Iram Gomez
Guitar - Edmundo Mondragon

Solo on Tears Of A Leper by Mundo Mondragon.
Solo on Pain To Hope, Absolute Predominance & A Cry Of Anguish by Abel Gomez.
Keyboards & assorted solos by Jeff Scheetz.
Additional vocals in From Pain To Hope & The Mystery Of Iniquity by Abel Gomez.

Produced and engineered by Jeff Scheetz.
Recorded at Gray Wolf Studios.
For info write to:
Gray Wolf Studios
PO Box 481171
Kansas City, MO 64148, USA.
Mastered at Edensound Mastering
Suite, Melbourne Australia
Special thanks to:
Jerry Keller for the 5150.
Steve Keller for the drums.
Linda Keller for the hospitality.
Mack Campbell for the guitars.
Jeff Scheetz for his patience and professionalism.

Executive Production by Steve Rowe.
Cover artwork by Troy Dunmire.
PO Box 634, Greencastle
PA 17225, USA. (717) 597-7747
Lament logo by Jason Sherlock.
Layout by Keith Bannister.
Fax: 61 3 9773 5669

Write to Lament:
C/o Abel Gomez
Apdo. Postal
Mexido D.F.

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