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World Of Sand (Reissue) by Servant

RetroActive release: RAR7826
UPC: 628740808726

Release Date: October 17, 2006

Building on the experience and success of their first two classic rock-n-roll albums, the bands third release hit the streets in 1982. WORLD OF SAND truly hit a nerve with the public, selling 20,000 albums in just the first two months alone! World of Sand combined Servant's muscular rock with a serious recording budget and major-league production. Offering up 10 polished rock tunes that sometimes hinted at the new wave direction the band would embrace on future albums.

The Christian rock, apologetic 'Jungle Music' appeared on that album, complete with references to nearly all of the other Christian rock bands on the scene. The song poked fun at the critique still being lobbed by anti-rock preachers. The chorus chanted, 'Jungle music, can God really use it?' Their answer was a resounding yes. When the band toured the nation for this release, Christian rock icons, Petra were their opening act.

Jungle Music might be described as an eerie, haunting hard rock tune, with a message that hit as hard as the music. The quasi-metal sounding Cog In the Wheel proves to be every bit as heavy as Resurrection Band, Aerosmith, and Led Zeppelin. The rest of the album features classic after classic of hook-filled rock and roll that fought the good fight against lukewarm Christianity. Ahead of it's time, WORLD OF SAND is a must purchase for fans of Cheap Trick, DeGarmo & Key, Joe English Band, Resurrection Band, and Petra.


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#1Two Masters
#2New Revolution
#3Long Hard Fight
#4Jungle Music
#5Wall Of Love
#6Cheap Talk
#7Sudden Death
#8Come, Jesus, Come
#9BONUS TRACK - Cog In The Wheel
#10BONUS TRACK - Treeplanter Stomp
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