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You Got The Shaft by Galactic Cowboys

Hey fellow GC fans!

Some time ago, I ordered a bunch of CDs from Metal Blade Records. Most of them came in pretty decent shape, but my copy of THTBB was, shall we say, in "less-than-desirable" condition -- a jewel case cracked badly in two different places, missing teeth from where the CD is supposed to snap into, a liner notes booklet creased down the middle throughout the entire booklet, and to top it all off, scratches on the CD! The first time I opened the case, the CD fell out onto the floor, followed by the missing teeth. It was like a scene out of a Charlie Chaplin or Mr. Bean movie! I could hear Moe of the Three Stooges saying, "you knucklehead!" To which I replied, "Moe! All I did was open it! Honest! Nyaaa-aaa-aaa!" (sound of me getting my nose twisted off) Well, being the picky collector that I am, I wrote to Metal Blade about it, got no response, wrote again, no response, wrote again, no response (you get the picture). So I figured I was stuck with it. Well, a week or so ago, Mabel posts on here that she can't find THTBB anywhere, and Wally suggests that she order direct from Metal Blade. So I couldn't help but post about my bad experience with the record company. So Wally posts below me and tells me to send him my address, which I did. I asked no questions. About 10 days go by, and I get this package in the mail from a PO Box owned by none other than Wally Farkas! Well, before I even open the package, I'm saying things like, "whoa!" "dude!" "cool!" and so on. Then I open it up, and inside is a 2-CD set. The first CD is a replacement for THTBB, autographed by Ben and Wally (which was cool enough), but lo and behold, there was a second disc, which is a "bonus disc" of GC songs that COMPLETELY took me by suprise! The disc contains Japanese bonus tracks, an alternate mix of "Ordinary" (called "Unordinary"), and other "nuggets of love", including recordings made in Alan's closet, and a special song by Ben written just for me called "You Got the Shaft!" I was so excited about the bonus disc that I asked Wally's permission to post it on Napster. So I am pleased to announce that you too, may now share in my musical joy, by going to the Napster user name tranquilitybase2001, and looking for a folder on my hard drive called Ben and Wally. All 9 tracks of the bonus disc are there for you to download. My favorite, of course, is "You Got the Shaft!" Log in and enjoy! Peace.

Your fellow Galactic Cowboys fan,

Greg Hatfield


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Aug 13, 2014 10:07:36 PM
Wow, to be Greg Hatfield!

I don't believe this is an official release as part of their discography, but it does have band approval for distribution.

Humorous introductions to each song by Wally and Ben.
Track 4-'Hot Damn' didn't make the cut of 'At the End of the Day' album.
Track 6-'Things They Couldn't Say' was a Japan bonus track from a cassette demo from 'Let it Go'
Track 8 is an alternate mix for 'Ordinary' from 'Let it Go', hence the title 'UNordinary'.
#1Wally And Ben Talk1:50
#2Every Knee (Japanese Version)6:02
#3Wally And Ben Talk About Nuggets Of Love1:46
#4Hot Damn:47
#5Wally And Ben Talk
#6Things They Couldn't Say (Japanese Version)6:12
#7Wally And Ben Talk1:47
#8Unordinary (Alt Mix of Ordinary)3:02
#9You Got The Shaft2:09
has lyrics

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