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Prayer From A Yearning Heart by Stronghold

"This cd is the second release from Nordic Mission Records and fans of black and doom metal will love this cd. Eirik Hellen Bo does all the vocals, guitars, bass and drums on this effort. What is amazing is how the cd sounds like there is a band playing. The musical quality is very good and the production is excellent. The guitars display the traditional slow, doomy style throughout much of the cd but deviate from the slower paced music to faster black metal elements. Hellen Bo displays a lot of talent to create this seamless transition back and forth between the 2 styles. His playing, although not technical, is very good and will satisfy fans. The vocals also are excellent. He does a nice job of the slow, gutteral vocals on the doom parts and slides up the scale to more shriek-ish vocals on the faster parts of the songs. This variation is interesting and keeps the listeners attention." -#Christian_Metal


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#1Prayer of the Yearning
#5In Strongest Arms
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