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Lightning Strikes Twice Again Vol. 2 by VARIOUS

Retroactive Records

This is a promotional CD sampler, sold at a bargain price in order to introduce Retroactive Records recordings to fans of hard music. Packaging will include a regular jewel case, full artwork / inserts, and liner notes. Styles of music are diverse, but consistently heavy. Once fans get a chance to preview songs on the CD compilation, they will likely be back for the full length releases!

The Insert/Booklet, include detailed information about the releases and upcoming releases, emphasizing key selling points for the consumer and fan.

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1. CHRIST DIED by The Seventh Power from the album The Seventh Powe
2. WHEN I FALL by Emotion from the album Emotion
3. INSIDE OUT (demo) by Bride from the album Skin For Skin
4. COG IN THE WHEEL by Servant from the album World of Sand
5. NOW IS THE TIME by Servant from the album Caught In the Act of L
6. BACK FROM MARS by Jupiter VI (featuring Jimmy Brown of Deliveran
7. CALLING OUT TO YOU by The Lead from the album Hardcore For Jesus
8. HEART OF METAL by Ultimatum from the album ...'Til the End!
9. MEDICINE by X-sinner from the album Loud & Proud (Special Edition)
10. ROLL THE ROCK by Zion from the album Thrillseeker: A Live Histor
11. PSYCHADELIC SUPER JESUS by Bride from the album Snakes Alive: Live
12. BLINDMAN�S HOLIDAY by Electrik from the album Love, Buzz, Harmon
13. VENGEANCE IS MINE by Final Axe from the album The Axe of the Apo
14. MERCENARIES OF UNJUSTICE by Armageddon from the album Money Mask
15. LEAD US by Fearful Symmetry from the album This Sad Veil of Tear
16. DOGFISH JONES by LSU from the album Dogfish Jones
17. REFRACTOR by Circle of Dust from the album Disengage
18. DISTORTED by Living Sacrifice (and Scott Albert) from the album
19. WILDERNESS by from the album Mold
20. ONE LAST TIME by Royal Anguish from the album Mysterion


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