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Kyna by Troglodyte Dawn

Whereas Troglodyte Dawn's first album was doomy, stoner rock, disc number two steps way outside my area of expertise. "Kyna" is odd, experimental and atmospheric ambient music. I know nothing of this genre of music at all. Musically, I'd compare it to sitting late at night while gazing up in to the stars and zoning out. The music here isn't something you're gonna wanna play while on a road trip. Rather, it's something you want to kick back to in the late evening, which is just what I did one evening, along with my wife. Somewhere in the middle of what we thought was some relaxing ambient sounds, something thunderingly loud woke us both up. It ended up being the second song, which is another mix of "Kyna". Despite the "doom mix" tag, this song nor the follow-up are doom metal.


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#1Kyna I. "source" ...II. "seed" ...III "song" ...IV. "storm" ...V. "sleep"18:25
#2"Kyna" [doom mix]26:58
#3"Kyna" [drone mix]31:02
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