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Very Best of Bride by Bride

From the 'Very Best Of'-series comes this twelve track collection from Bride, featuring hits and favorites from the Christian metal pioneers. No songs are mixed. There's one song from "Live To Die", two songs from "End of the Age", two songs from "Kinetic Faith", four songs from "Snakes In The Playground" and three songs from "Scarecrow Messiah".

Label: Star Song Records
Producer: Steve Blair

Star Song

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Psychedelic Super Jesus (4:17)

You Say He's Weak He's A Super Freak
Don't Believe He Came
Say God Is Dead You Lost Your Head
You Got Him Swingin From A Chain
You Can Be Saved But Your Diggin Your Own Grave
I Beggin You To Come Back
King Of Kings The Angels Sing I Think The Sky Has Cracked

That's The Way You See Him Psychedelic Super Jesus

Get High To Rember Take A Drink To Forget
It's All Profanity
You Still Got Him On A Cross
Your Heart Is Lost
You Nailed Him To A Hippi Tree
Say Light My Fire Full Of Desire
Don't You Die On Me
The Rope Is Slippin Your Voodoo Trippin
Your Not A Pretty Sight To See

God Is Love Power In The Blood
Seek And You Will Find
Today Is The Day Better Give It Away
There's No Better Time
Will You Learn He Will Return
It's No Small Thing To Me
I Tell You Now I'll Show You The Shinning Glory

Copyright 2006 Bride

#1Hell No3:51
#2Same Ol' Sinner4:07
#3Everybody Knows My Name4:22
#4Troubled Times4:28
#5Hired Gun4:29
#7Would You Die For Me3:34
#8Psychedelic Super Jesus4:17
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