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Very Best of Bride by Bride

From the 'Very Best Of'-series comes this twelve track collection from Bride, featuring hits and favorites from the Christian metal pioneers. No songs are mixed. There's one song from "Live To Die", two songs from "End of the Age", two songs from "Kinetic Faith", four songs from "Snakes In The Playground" and three songs from "Scarecrow Messiah".

Label: Star Song Records
Producer: Steve Blair

Star Song

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Hired Gun (4:29)

They Pay Me Lot's Of Money For What I Do
I'm A Dancer Midnight Romancer Under The Moon
I'm On The Clock And I Like To Rock
I Don't work the streets
You'll be amazed your eyes a glazed
When I do my high wire feats
Exterminater, Rawhide Gangster, I can equal the odds
I Pay for your sin with my boyish grin
I create the facade
Steady hand I'm a gentle man
I've got deadly aim
Womanizer, lone surviver I like to play the game

Hope you and Jesus have it all worked out
I'm A Hired Gun

There is no heaven here on earth
Love must rule us all
Black days coming
Every prideful man will fall
Have no fear or shed a tear
There will come a day
When I'm looked in the eye
Asked to die I'll hear somebody say

Copyright 2006 Bride

#1Hell No3:51
#2Same Ol' Sinner4:07
#3Everybody Knows My Name4:22
#4Troubled Times4:28
#5Hired Gun4:29
#7Would You Die For Me3:34
#8Psychedelic Super Jesus4:17
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