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Very Best of Bride by Bride

From the 'Very Best Of'-series comes this twelve track collection from Bride, featuring hits and favorites from the Christian metal pioneers. No songs are mixed. There's one song from "Live To Die", two songs from "End of the Age", two songs from "Kinetic Faith", four songs from "Snakes In The Playground" and three songs from "Scarecrow Messiah".

Label: Star Song Records
Producer: Steve Blair

Star Song

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Troubled Times (4:28)

We Don't need no burning crosses
Put out the fire of bigotry
We don't need to count our losse
When they burry you they'll burry me

I have a dream that we can be united
It will only work when fears are subsided
By the sweat of my brow I won't let it happen
Freedom for our heart's is my battle cry

Were living in troubled times
Were living in troubled times
How could we be so blind
We living in troubled times

Poor man beggin at a rich man's feet
He eats the crumbs off of the floor
We are starving for something to eat
We are whales up on the shore

There was a time we tore our country down
For the same reasons we fight for now
And if pride comes before a fall
why tell me why they tore down the wall

Copyright 2006 Bride

#1Hell No3:51
#2Same Ol' Sinner4:07
#3Everybody Knows My Name4:22
#4Troubled Times4:28
#5Hired Gun4:29
#7Would You Die For Me3:34
#8Psychedelic Super Jesus4:17
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