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Skin For Skin by Bride

"Skin For Skin" is a very powerful piece of work. Recorded at Waycross Studios in Ohio the band was able to get away
from all of the Nashville types and concentrate on being themselves. Vocally Dale comes out screaming and finds
new vocal range in the lower register to induce and incite
cold chills up ones spine. Troy invents some of the most memorable and grove oriented metal licks in his career. Lawrence Bishop on bass chops drives the bottom end like a
M1 Tank, and unlike the past several CD�s, this one is riddled
with double bass thunder. Together all of these elements,
it creates possibly one of the best Bride-albums to date.

For those concerned with Dale's Universalism beliefs,
"End of Days" in particular makes the claim that "From the beginning of the garden to the end and the grave salvation of all comes by the cross, the blood, the life the name. Every man, women and child followed Adam to the grave. Your flesh he will destroy that your spirit will be saved. Concluded them all in unbelief, he�ll have mercy on everyone, by His grace and peace the Spirit and the Bride say come". This doctrine flies in the face of orthodox Christianity and may cause some to have a problem with the lyrics on this album.


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Nov 19, 2014 04:48:17 PM
Another great album from their new era. This was even better than "This Is It". The title track is super heavy and the double bass drum is back - excellent! Bride really found themselves here. Solid album throughout, my favorites are the title track, "End of Days", "Inside Ourselves", "Breathless" and "Super Ego Star" - the last one opens with a fantastic guitar solo. Really good guitar work on this one (Steve Osborne back, but he took his life shortly after finishing this album, really really sad). For me, this is Bride's best album since "Snakes", and it probably ranks in the top 5 of their albums. Get it!

4,5 stars for this great CD.

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