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A Journey Through The Shadows OF Time by Royal Anguish

Fear Dark release: FD024
UPC: 8715511900078

Release date: June 2, 2006

Album comes in a slipcase w/ a slightly larger version of the cover artwork than what is on the sleeve. Back cover artwork differs between the slip cover & tray card. The album is separated into 2 parts. Tracks 1-6 comprise "A Journey Through the Shadows of Time", and tracks 7-14 comprise "The Battle of Jericho & eNon". The 2nd suite is broken into 4 "Legends", each which 2 tracks.

Executively Produced by Fear Dark

Main Tracking Recorded and Engineered by Johnny Nunn & Shawn "Sol-Sangraal" Ohtani at Razzor Media / Mana Studios, St. Petersburg, Fl.
Narrations Recorded by Kevin Hunt at Soudn Design Studios, Ocala, Fl.
Additional Tracking Recorded at Multiple Home Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Derek James from At Cathedral Sound, Toronto, ON, Canada

Art Direction and Photos by Durling Inc. GBG

Royal Anguish:
Matt Knowles: Male Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Katy Decker: Female Vocals
Sean Tibbetts: Bass
Marius Kozlowsky: Lead Guitars

Keyboards Performed and Written by Anton Kalaj, Matt Knowles, & Katy Decker
All Acoustic/Classical Guitars and Oud by Marius Kozlowski.
All Narrations Performed by Fred Mullen
Gang Vocals on "The End is the Beginning" include Ohtani, Kozlowski & Knowles
All Drums Recorded in studio by Sean Currie

Fear Dark

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#1Pitch Black4:05
#2Playing God2:56
#3Shadows Of Time3:24
#5 Eternal4:09
#6Time Space Continuum2:57
#7Legend I. The Loss1:42
#8Fall From Grace4:25
#9Legend II. The Search1:19
#10The Darkened Sea3:16
#11Legend III. Impending Doom1:28
#12The Battle Upon Us3:48
#13Legend IV. Victory at Hand1:11
#14The End Is The Beginning5:05
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