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Severe Head Trauma by Vomitous Discharge

self-released demo EP on CD-R, 15 minutes

the cover is supposed to show a completely split head which should symbolizes the death of satan, perversion, lust, porn, rape, fornication and other stupid stuff like that, HOWEVER it is in fact a foot, as Gag/VxDx found out 1,5 years after releasing this! :-P

released in April 2006, 132 copies made (20 having censored layout)

Extreme Records (Brazil) released 20 additional copies with the original layout in flex-boxes in late 2006.


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#1Endlessly growing Tumour
#2Holocaustic Dismemberment of Perversion
#3Rapist gets what he deserves
#4Severe Head Trauma of Satan
#5Purulent and worm-infested carnal Leftovers
#6Putrefaction of sinful Pleasures
#7Torturous Death of Pornography
#8Horrendous Disfigurement of fornicating Corpses
#9Maggot's Feast on lusty Carcass
#10VomitGore ChristCore
has lyrics

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