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The Second Incarnation by Anaemia

Martin Svensson Bass
Tobias Ogenblad Drums
Chris Sundqvist Guitars, Bass(additional)
Kim Stranne Vocals


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Abstract Pain (Docta Ignorantia) ()

Mountains of wonder raise over my head, heroes and warriors, now dead
Essence of life never found, thoughts of chaos spinning round

I surrender, God I surrender, My life so finite, I surrender to you

Condemned to confusion, forever here, restless souls, eyes filled with tears
Folly of the wise abstract pain, searching the answers, again and again

I surrender, God I surrender, My life so finite, I surrender to you

With wisdom comes sorrow, with answers comes wonder
Who is the wise man, who is the fool, to deep for us to see
Knowledge is power only through God, love is always stronger than wisdom

Mountains of wonder raise over our heads, heroes and wisemen now dead
Accepted lies disguised as truth, to fill our empty souls

Logic devours the mystery, sanity only brings captivity
Mankinds morbid curiosity, spreads a deadly disease
A solid confusion covers her face/ The truth He's hidden, hidden in haze
I bow my knees and search Your grace
beyond my mind for You I gaze

Copyright 2000 Anaemia

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