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The Second Incarnation by Anaemia

Martin Svensson Bass
Tobias Ogenblad Drums
Chris Sundqvist Guitars, Bass(additional)
Kim Stranne Vocals


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To Bleed ()

Another dead body is falling to the ground
Another victim of the human rage has been found
Taking drugs, eating the mind, selling answers to the spiritual need
Living a life of a psychotic kind
Left alone to bleed

Just a little penny for your soul
Your mind are darkened and you can not see
Just a little penny for your soul
When you play with souls and let them be
Condemned to confusion only God can set them free

Look all around, see their searching souls
Searching for answers, try to find a goal
T.M., P.M.A., some of the doctrines that is guiding us wrong
beware for this hypocrites, they're using your soul
To make big money, cause you're not so strong

Copyright 2000 Anaemia

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#3As Darkness Falls
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#5Beneath the Sun
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#7To Bleed
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#9By Nothingness Embraced
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