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The Second Incarnation by Anaemia

Martin Svensson Bass
Tobias Ogenblad Drums
Chris Sundqvist Guitars, Bass(additional)
Kim Stranne Vocals


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Enter the Illusion ()

He enters the stage with a smile on his face
Beneath the pale moons shining grace
He opens his mouth and stupidity flows
Inside his head insanity grows

Only an inch from Narcissus
He enters the illusion, the world consist of him
The mirror is his God, the money is his King
He walks the streets of silver and gold
The price he paid was to sell his soul

Only an inch from Narcissus

Take your cross and follow me
Walk with me through the mystery
But long ago control was lost
Once again I’m nailed to the cross
He enters the stage with a tear in his eye
The eyes that once adored him
Slowly watches him die
All the dreams and goals is gone
Turned into a flower on the dreary shore

Only an inch from Narcissus

Copyright 2000 Anaemia

#1The Second Incarnation
#2Enter the Illusion
#3As Darkness Falls
#4Beyond the Death
#5Beneath the Sun
#5Your Soul Denied
#7To Bleed
#8Abstract Pain (Docta Ignorantia)
#9By Nothingness Embraced
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