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Red Tree by Fall of Echoes

Trinity release: TRP005
UPC: 634479419430

Released September 2006

Shane Lankford - Vocals/Lyrics
Rob Perez - All Rhythm Guitar Tracks
Rick Mals - Drum Composer & Lead Guitar
Bill Yost - Bass Guitar

Drums Tracks, Rhythm & Lead Guitar Tracks were produced, recorded and mixed by - Rob Perez @ Parkside Sound in Canonsburg, PA

Vocal, Keyboard and Bass Guitar Tracks were produced, recorded and mixed by - Tony Correlli @ The Deep End Studio in Baltimore, MD.
All Keyboard & FX tracks were performed by Tony Correlli.

Final project producing, mixing of all tracks and mastering by - Rob Perez

All music written by Rob Perez except ["She Fits Well"; written by Shane Lankford] ["Groaning" & "White I'm Alive" written by Rob Perez Z& RZick Mals]

All Drum tracks composed by - Rick Mals
Bass Guitar tracks composed by Rick Mals and Bill Yost & performed by - Bill Yost

CD Artwork by - Rohi and Mike Bonnell
CD Layout & Design by - Rob Perez

From the promo card:
"This special musical collaboration features members from two very prominent bands known in the who's who of musicians circles from around the world. Rob Perez and Rick Mals of Visual Cliff teamed up with Shane Lankford and Bill Yost of Orphan Project to release what some have called "the best non-mainstream, mainstream rock album of the year".

Mixing rock, metal and melodically powerful vocals, the album titled "Red Tree" has received critical acclaim and has left many wondering who are these guys and why are they not on every radio station!

To be continued..."


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Apr 18, 2014 09:25:38 AM
If you like this, you will love Visual Cliff. And vice-versa.
Mar 26, 2016 09:53:08 AM
Red Tree---Perhaps the most powerful , stirring song about Jesus sacrifice ever recorded .. EVERYONE should listen to this!!

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