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Classic Archives (What a Joke / Stay of Execution) by Deliverance

Reissue of the band's 3rd and 4th albums with four tracks deleted: "Purgatory Sandwich with Mustard" and "Attack" (from What a Joke) and "Entombed" and "Weapons of Our Warfare (remix)" (from Stay of Execution).

Jimmy Brown II: Songwriter, Arranger, Guitars, Talk Box, Vocals
Jerry Chamberlain: Songwriter, Background Vocals
Eric Clayton: Background Vocals
Doug Doyle: Mastered
Gene Eugene: Engineer, Rhodes
David Fuentes: Background Vocals
Mike Grato: Songwriter, Bass
Jimmy Griffin: Background Vocals
Franz Gruber: Songwriter
Tony Iommi: Songwriter
Jurgen Issachar: Mixed
Rick Jones: Background Vocals
Brian Khairullah: Bass
Love Larrimore: Background Vocals
Kevin Lee: Drums, Percussion
Victor Macias: Background Vocals
Roger Martinez: Songwriter, Background Vocals
John Matousek: Mastered
Joseph Mohr: Songwriter
Bob Moon: Engineer
Catherine Ochoa: Background Vocals
George Ochoa: Producer, Mixed, Arranger, Songwriter, Guitars
Mike Phillips: Songwriter, Guitars
Thom Roy: Engineer
Terry Scott Taylor: Producer, Songwriter, Background Vocals
Rob Watson: Keyboards
Pat Woehl: Engineer


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#2Prophet of Idiocy
#3Pseudo Intellectual
#4Cheeseburger Maker Du
#5What a Joke
#6Chipped Beef
#7After Forever
#8It's the Beat
#9A Product of Society
#10Happy Star
#13Silent Night
#15Stay of Execution
#16Windows of the Soul
#17Words to the...
#18From Once Was
#20Horrendous Disc
#21Lord of Dreams
#22Ramming Speed
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