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The Great Apostasy: A Conspiracy Of Satanic Christianity by Babylon Mystery Orchestra


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Jul 29, 2014 11:39:50 PM
I like:

The encouragement for the saints.
The well intentioned warning for the church
The clear vocals.
The versatility in Track 3.
Track 7 exposes Rev Fred, "God hates fags and other high profile religious hypocrites"
Track 8 exposes pedophiles in the church.
Track 10 exposes churches that have turned into adorned cash cows.
Track 11 exposes the rapture theory.
Exposes the great deceiver in most songs. Evil never sleeps, not even in the church.
The basic trad heavy metal with doominess. How can oldschooldoom not like this?!?
Every BMO album amazes me that this is a one man band. Clever to have 'Orchestra' as part of the band name.

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