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Darkness Into Light by Will Willis

Darkness into Light is an instrumental, epic journey through the transformation from nonbeliever to Christian. This is a deeply personal album for me, as I grew up in an unreligious family and it took the power of the Holy Spirit for me to overcome my distaste for Christianity and religion in general to become saved.

While Darkness into Light is about the transformation from the "dark" worldly ways to seeking and following the "light" of Jesus Christ, as an instrumental album the music stands on its own and should be enjoyable to Christians and non-Christians alike.

The songs are constructed such that the first half of the album is dark/melancholy, then goes through a transitionary phase that leads into an uplifting section of songs that reflect joy and passion. The album closes by resolving into peace, reflecting the peace that comes from new life. Darkness into Light features lots of guitars (electric and some classical), with drums, bass, piano/keys, strings, and flutes filling out the sound at various times within the mostly rock/metal context.


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#2Missing Inside
#4The Longing
#5The Moment Before
#6The Awakening
#8Righteous Fire
#9The Revelation
#10Inner Peace
#11Into The Light
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