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IIII - The Album of Labour by Veni Domine

Rivel release: RRCD0017
UPC: 7320470049594

The album's subtitle "The Album of Labour" was due to the extensive work that had to be done to bring the project to fruition. The writing process began in 1997, the recording in 2000. The vocalist became ill w/ a vocal condition & the band was forced to halt production for nearly a year. Even after the final mix was sent to the label, it was another 2 1/2 years before the actual album saw the light of day.


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Mar 9, 2014 09:41:38 PM
I call this alt-doom. Many songs do have doom influences and the music in enjoyed throughout. The high pitched vocal style is Geoff Tatish (QR). Although I enjoy good traditional doom and I enjoy Geoff Tate's vocals, for me they just don't go well together.

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