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Unsung EP by The Chariot

Solid State release: TND 42481
UPC: 094634248129

From Discogs:
Features 2 new songs and 4 songs re-recorded from Everything Is Alive,
Everything Is Breathing; Nothing Is Dead And Nothing is Bleeding.

The enhanced portion of the CD includes a Quicktime video of a live performance, recorded on September 16, 2005 at The Masquerade club in Atlanta, GA.


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Sargeant Savage (Die Interviewer [Germanickly Speaking] ) (1:56)

This world is a stage.
Broken bones, no regrets.
This world is a stage and everyone seems to have their opinion.
Stick around, stay a while.
I am choking on someone else's blood and the fingerprints of God.
So stick around and let me tell you about it because far too many don't say.

Copyright 2005 The Chariot

#1Yanni Depp2:41
#2Phil Cosby (Before There Ws Atlanta, There Was Douglasville)2:13
#3Vin Affleck (Goodnight My Lady and a Forever Farewell)2:43
#4Kenny Gibler (Play The Piano Like A Disease)4:07
#5Sargeant Savage (Die Interviewer [Germanickly Speaking] )1:56
#6Donnie Cash (The Company, The Comfort, The Grave)2:26
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