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Man Of Straw by Viking

This was the second release for Viking, but due to the lyrical content of the first album, the band's first album was not added to Firestream. This CD, while not necessarily a Christian album, does reflect the fact some of the band member became Christians between the first album and "Man of Straw". "The Trial" features some blatantly Biblical lyrics about the Son of God and his love for mankind.

Reissued on Lost & Found Records with these bonus tracks:
10. Prelude / Scavenger (1986 Demo) (04:27)
11. Do Or Die (1986 Demo) (04:34)
12. Abortuary (1989 Demo) (06:04)
13. Valhalla (live from Megadeth show 1986)

The bonus track, "Abortuary", was recorded for the next intended Viking album, which would never be released because of their breakup.

The Trial
Music: James Lareau, Ron Eriksen
Lyrics: Ron Eriksen

Judgement day - will you comprehend?
Beckons close at hand
Those of us that were born again
And those who curse the holy land
Brought forth before the Son of God
The One Who loved enough to die
We will be not judged by our works and deeds
But by our faith when we are tried
Respond to the Holy One
Why you think that He should spare
A man who mocked and cursed His name
Or knew the truth and did not care?
Drink the blood of the King of Kings
Love the Savior of the human race
Kneel before Him, discard your rings
And pray that He will give you grace
He was born unto a virgin
A birth from royal seed
The truest test of prophets
Is truthful prophecy
Know the Prophet was no bastard
We did not deserve His death
Just the thought of what He did for me
Forever I will be His slave
His own kind refused acknowledgement
Crucified the Chosen One
As the sun set behind the cross of thieves
Dying, He knew His work was done
(Solo - Ron)
Our cross He had to bear
He rose as the final sign
Sill searching for the prophet "true"
The Jews are left behind
He was born unto a virgin
A birth from royal seed
When you are brought to trial
Will you die in blasphemy?

Out of print for years, Man of Straw was re-released in 2006 on Lost & Found Records. Lost and Found Records owner Bryan J Anderson says, "We are extremely happy to have this title available once again. It's a shame titles like this are becoming almost impossible to find. It is our goal to bring these classics back to life better and louder than ever."


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May 1, 2014 09:37:35 AM
2 minute intro. Vocals are too fast for me but well matched to the excellent speedy metal.
This is a Christian parody of sorts.
Track 7 sounded familiar. A child abuse song originally done by Pat Benatar about 10 years prior to wake the nations.
#1White Death5:21
#2They Raped the Land6:20
#3Twilight Fate3:37
#4The Trial3:37
#5Case Of The Stubborns4:35
#7Hell is For Children4:11
#8Creative Divorce6:23
#9Man Of Straw4:54
has lyrics

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